Soft furnishings have always taken a backseat to the sophistication and interior design of which its importance is only significant to designers.

Vitally important that these elements fall in place with the design, a touch of curtains, window blinds and shades, upholstery here, wallpaper there the comfort custom made bedlinens bring a sense of fashion into the space. Taking on this largely bespoke aspect of interior design is what we do.


De Leon Fabrics was first incepted to serve retailers with the supply of imported interior furnishing fabrics on a cut length basis.


The co-founders reshuffle the company’s focus to meet the fast changing trends of the market, with a vision to provide more personal and in-depth soft furnishing services and consultations to specific groups of customers which comprise the developers, architects, designers, academic institutions, hospitality and commercial sectors and referrals from long-established household customers.

Up till Now..

De Leon Fabrics offers their customers a kaleidoscopic diversity of colours, timeless designs, textures, styles and high quality in their products. In their ever-growing portfolios of landed houses, an amazing record can be seen from developers’ projects which comprise bungalows, townhouses, semi-detached houses to designers’ portfolio of condominiums, apartments, offices, retail shops and show flats.

The company’s acclaimed collections of fabrics, window blinds, shades and its range of services continue to innovate and grow in varied exciting directions, capturing and infusing décor trends across the continents thus bringing the up-to-date trend to their clientele.

Vision & Mission

Our vision: To be a leading soft furnishing provider – a one stop shop providing timeless design made into quality products for customers.

Our mission: Continuously strive to improve our service and products by listening to the voice of our customers.

Our Corporate Values

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We always try to listen to the voice of customers. We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers.
  • BUSINESS INTEGRITY: Business practices are carried out with the utmost integrity to serve the interests of our customers as well as our suppliers.
  • TEAMWORK: We cultivate team spirit and foster a caring and cohesive environment.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN VALUES: We foster good rapport with suppliers and gain mutual trust in each other.